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This travelogue is excerpts from my parents visit to Wales in 1988. It contains lots of information on traveling to the UK if you read between the lines.

We by-passed Wrexham, the capitol of North Wales, which is principality like Monaco. We passed the Chester canal with barges on it, Llangolen and left Wales (a short visit, indeed) at Chirk at 10:30 am. The barges we saw are used for moving coal to North Wales,or at least they were, years ago. We also saw a viaduct built in 1840 as we left Chirk. If you want to find it on your map, Chirk is way north on the East coast of Wales just a few miles below the larger city of Wrexham. Leaving Wales, we headed for Shrewsbury, the birthplace of Charles Darwin. We passed a ring fort built by the Celtic people who lived here something like 2500 years ago. The area later overrun by the Romans. Passing the Severn River, where we saw mallards and then four small deer, we left A5 and took M54 through Tong towards Birmingham, passing first through Wolverhampton. Lunch at 11:35 (until 12:30) at Hilton Park.


Cardiff Airport


  • Aberystwyth North
  • Newborough
  • Llanddwyn
  • Pembrey
  • Cefn Sidan
  • St David's
  • Whitesands
  • Tenby, North

National Parks

Brecon Beacons located in South Wales. Brecon Beacons are Red Sandstone mountains that are over 1000 ft high. find waterfalls, lakes, caves and woodland.

Pembrokeshire Coast  is located on the coast in southwest Wales. The coastline path is about 180 miles from Teifi (near Cardiff) to Amroth beach.

Snowdonia is located in northwest Wales. Mount Snowdon is located here. Mt. Snowdon mountain is the highest peak south of Scotland. forests, lakes, streams make is good fishing, canoeing, sailing

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