Urban & Hip Hop Clothing: Facts, History, Designers, Where to Buy

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Urban Clothing Brand Names

Urban Clothing includes Name Brand Apparel like Tommy girl, DKNY, JLo, Baby phat , Playboy, Phat Farm , Mecca, Vokal, Rocawear and more. hip hop clothing are usually designed by Rap Stars like Nelly applebottoms, Jayz Rocawear, G-unit 50 cent, P Miller, P Diddy, Sean John, Wu Wear, Tupac Makaveli and other rappers.

Urban clothing is popular among trend setters. The clothing trend started in the late 1970s and early 80s. It began in New York City and soon spread to other cities. The clothing styles were based on what hip hop stars were wearing at the time. Soon, hip hop stars and rappers cashed in on the trend by creating their own line of clothing.

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You can buy urban clothing at most any department store, your local Mall and Walmart. Prices vary from store to store. So, to get good deals you must shop around.

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