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Pregnancy Old Wives Tales and Myths

Pregnancy myths are urban legends, superstitions, folklore and old sayings. They have never been proven to be true. However, I have met mountain folk who live around the Asheville area in the North Carolina Mountains who swear these sayings are true.

  • General myths and old sayings about pregnancy

    • Barefoot and Pregnant - old saying referring to a poor country woman who was pregnant all the time.
    • Someone in your family will die within 6 months of a birth
  • Old Sayings on being Pregnant
    • If a pregnant woman sees something that scares her, it will mark the baby.
    • If a pregnant woman has a lot of heartburn, the baby will have a lot of hair.
    • When pregnant, never raise your arms above your head, the baby will strangle. the cord will wrap around its neck.
    • If a pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness crawls over the stomach of her husband to get out of bed, she will no longer suffer from morning sickness; her husband will have it.
  • Myths and old sayings about gender prediction
    • To find out about gender of baby, hold a pendant (charm on a string) over the pregnant women's belly, if it circles side to side it will be a boy, if it goes around in circles it will be a girl.
    • If the pregnant woman gains her weight in the rear it will be a boy, if she gains her weight in front it will be a girl. When I was pregnant their wasn't any sonograms, so I had people come up to me and say your going to have a boy or a girl because I was carrying the weight in front. They never really could agree on it.
  • Myths and Old Sayings for Inducing Labor
    • If a pregnant woman is near term, and she starts house cleaning she is getting ready to give birth. She will have the baby within a day or so.
    • Walking near the end of a pregnant woman's term will hasten the birth of the child.

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