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Ghost Rider of Fletcher, North Carolina

Ghost Rider of Fletcher, North Carolina appears around old airport rd and hwy. 25 around Calvary Episcopal Church. Calvary Episcopal church was a Confederate hospital during the American Civil war.

A ghost of a woman riding a horse is said to be the spirit of a lady who died during the civil war shortly after hearing of her husband's death. She is dressed in a gray Confederate cape and has often been seen galloping between Arden and Fletcher, in the Church driveway and near the iron gate of the Church.

I have been told from people who live in back of the church of some strange occurrences. Late at night, the door knob jiggles as if someone is trying to get in but no one is at the door. The car door will slam shut when left open and the car is on level ground. At night scratching noises are heard starting at one end of the trailer and ending at the other, only to start over again. A figure of a woman dressed in a long dress is seen inside of the trailer at times and then disappears. Glowing eyes have been seen from a dark closet. The atmosphere or feeling of the room is twilight, real yet surreal during these events.