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Use this guide to find inexpensive places to stay in Norway. Find top name hotels like the Radisson SAS, Best Western, Clarion, Mar and more quality accommodations.

Choose from luxury apartments, budget accommodations, ocean view rooms, beachfront property, pet friendly lodging, suites, studios and more. Most hotels in Norway have swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, saunas, room service, business centers, restaurants, kitchenettes with microwaves and refrigerators as well as other amenities.

You can book hotel reservations for today or in advance depending on availability. Quickly check hotel rates and availability for lodging accommodations. Economy travelers will be happy to find a place to stay for under $100.00. There are 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations available too.

Find deals and discounts. Securely book hotel reservations online using a debit or credit card and receive instant confirmation by email.

Book a room or several rooms for a night, week, month or however long you plan to stay. Relax and have the best family vacation, extended stay, short break, romantic weekend getaway or whatever your reason for traveling. Enjoy your holiday vacation in Norway.


Things to do and see

  • Horseback riding
  • Cross country skiing
  • Beach combing
  • Historic sites
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Night Life: Disco
  • Sight seeing
  • Tennis
  • Picnics
  • Lakes
  • Mountains
  • Fjords
  • Golf

Four Star Hotels

Radisson Sas Park Hotel - From ($183.48)

YSTADVEIEN 1 - Haugesund,  Norway 5538
4 Star hotel rating

Grand Hotel - From ($328.23)

Karl Johans Gate 31 - Oslo,  Norway 0101
4 Star hotel rating

Best Western Havly Hotell - From ($129.45)

Valberggt 1 - Stavanger,  Norway 4006
3 Star hotel rating

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Tourism - Tourist Attractions

Norway landscape is breathtaking - a jagged coastline with mountains and  fjords. It is the land of the midnight sun and has parts in the artic circle. Norway is a long narrow strip of land stretching north from the mainland of Europe to the Artic.

The Vikings ruled between 800-1050 controlling most of the British Isles and large portions of Russia..

Norway's ancient capital was Tronheim. Its modern capital is Oslo.

Nordkapp or North Cape is the northernmost outpost. Ferries link coastal communities together.

activities: water sports, hiking, skiing and fishing.

The Gulf stream keeps the waters around Norway warm and therefore free of ice all year round. Most cities are fishing towns.

Norway towns worth visiting are Bergen, Stavenger, Trondheim, Oslo and Tromso. Tourist attractions are Gamle Bergen, Trondheim Cathedral, Roros, Stave churches include Burgund and Heddal.

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Oslo Norway Tourist Attractions

Oslo is the capital of Norway. There are galleries, shops, forests, ski trails and the Oslo fjord.

Best known attraction is the Aker Brygge or Aker Quay which use to be a shipyard and is now shops and restaurants. Aker means Docks.

Museums: Vikingshiphuset, Norsk Folkemuseet, Skimuseut, Barnekunstmuseet (children's art museum).

annual events: March: ski festival, August: Jazz festival

ski resort: Oslomarka which has cross country ski trails. Oslomarka or oslo fields are ski trails and walking trails.

Most visited attraction: Vigelandsparken which is a display of over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.

Det Kongelige Slott is the Royal palace or castle and is open all year round.

Nasjonalgalleriet is the National Gallery.

Munchmuseet is the Munch museum which is dedicated to the artist Edvard Munch  (1863-1944) who was an expressionist painter and famous for the painting the Scream.

Det Internasjonal Barnekunstmuseet - international museum of children.

Emmanuel Vigeland Museum - Emmanual was a painter and is Gustav Vigalands brother.

Akershus slott og Festning is akershus castle, fortress, bastions and ramparts built in 1300 to defend the city against Sweden.

Holmen Kollbakken is a ski jump open all year round. Near by is the Skimuseeet or ski museum that features exhibits chronicling 4000 years of skiing.

Oslo is also known as the ski town.

Norsk Folkemuseum has a candy store, horse and carriage rides and features 150 historic timber houses and a stave church.

Vickingskiphuset is a museum with the best preserved long ship from the Viking age.

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Sandefjord  Tourist Attractions

Sandefjord is a whaling town. Outside of Sandelfjord is a old Viking burial site named Gokstadhaugen.

Farriskilde is a natural mineral water spring.

Verdens Ende or world's end has an old lighthouse made of stone.

Tonsberg  Tourist Attractions

Tonsberg is a historic town and contains the ruins of a fortress and tower built in the 9th century..

slottsfjellet are viking graves excavated and put under glass and on exhibit in the llibrary.

King Hakonhakonson IV 1240-63 held court at Nordbyen and ruins can be seen here.

Southern Norway has beaches.

Stavanger  Tourist Attractions

Stavanger is the 4th largest city in Norway. It produces oil. Stavanger oil production is 2nd to Saudi Abrabia.

Norsk Oljemuseum or Norweian Petroleum museum.

Alexander Kielland Minnesmerke or monument which honors the memory of those 123 llives lost whent he Alexander Kielland offshore oil platform capsized.

Kristiansand  Tourist Attractions

Christianholm Festning or Fortress -  fort built in 1639 by King Christian IV of Denmark.

Kristiansand Dyrepark or  zoo and amusement park (theme park).

Lindesnes Fyr (lighthouse) is west of Kristainsand and is the southernmost point of Norway on the coast.

East of Kristiansand is Lillesand which is a popular resort town.

Pulpit rock is the best known landmark

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