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Online Dictionary - Mountain slang

Here are some of the definitions of the slang I have heard used around Asheville NC and throughout the Appalachian Mountains region.

English - Mountain Slang

  1. All wool and a yard wide - real, genuine and honest
  2. Moonshine - the term first came into use cause people who made white lighting liquor did so by moonlight to escape the revenuers.
  3. polecat -Skunk
  4. goosal pipe- throat
  5. britches - pants
  6. yall -you all
  7. yonder -there (catch all phrase for a short or long distance)
  8. Tator - Potato
  9. mator -tomato
  10. I'm going to tear you up (to a child) -I'm going to give you a spanking
  11. whooping - spanking, beating, etc.
  12. drawers - pants
  13. Poke - Bag such as Pig in a Poke (bag of pork)
  14. snipe hunting - Old trick played on newcomers where the newcomer is left in woods holding a bag waiting on imaginary snipes to be herded by "friends." The newcomer after finding out he been played for a fool has to find his way out of the woods in the dark.
  15. Close the barn door before the cow gets out - Zip up your pants.
  16. Toe Sack - Linen when processed left a fuzzy material call toe. In Colonial days, this was used to make the toe sack. Toe was also used to help start a fire for cooking. It was a part of the tinder box carried with everyone prior to matches and lighters.
  17. Lock Stock and Barrel - Meaning the whole or all. Referred to the Brown Bess Flint lock gun used in the American Revolutionary War . The whole gun was made up of a lock stock and barrel

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