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Mexico capitals and States

The capital of Mexico is Mexico City, Federal District (F.D.)

There are 32 states within the country. They are:

  1. State of Aguascalientes
    • The capital of Aguascalientes is Aquascalientes.
  2. State of Baja California Norte
    • The capital Baja of California Norte is Mexicali.
  3. State of Baja California Sur
    • capital of Baja California Sur is La Paz.
  4. State of Campeche
    • The capital of Campeche is Campeche.
  5. State of Chiapas
    • The capital of Chiapas is Tuxtla Gutierrez.
  6. State of Chihuahua
    • The capital of Chihuahua is Chihuahua.
  7. State of Coahuila
    • The capital of Coahuila is Saltillo.
  8. State of Colima
    • The capital of Colima is Colima.
  9. State of Durango
    • The capital of Durango is Durango.
  10. State of Guanajuato
    • The capital of Guanajuato is Guanajuato.
  11. State of Guerrero
    • The capital of Guerrero is Chilpancingo.
  12. State of Hildalgo
    • The capital of Hidalgo Pachuca.
  13. State of Jalisco
    • The capital of Jalisco is Guadalajara.
  14. State of Mexico
    • The capital of Mexico is Toluca.
  15. State of Michoacan
    • The capital of Michoacan is Morelia.
  16. State of Morelos
    • The capital of Morelos is Cuernavaca.
  17. State of Nayarit
    • The capital of Nayarit is Tepic.
  18. State of Nuevo Leon
    • The capital of Nuevo Leon is Monterrey.
  19. State of Oaxaca
    • The capital of Oaxaca is Oaxaca.
  20. State of Puebla
    • The capital of Puebla is Puebla.
  21. State of Queretaro
    • The capital of Queretaro is Queretaro.
  22. State of Quintana Roo
    • The capital of Quintana Roo is Chetumal.
  23. State of San Luis Potosi'
    • The capital of San Luis Potosi is San Luis Potosi.
  24. State of Sinaloa
    • The capital of Sinaloa is Culiacan.
  25. State of Sonora
    • The capital of Sonora is Hermosillo.
  26. State of Tabasco
    • The capital of Tabasco is Villahermosa.
  27. State of Tamaulipas
    • The capital of Tamaulipas is Cuidad Victoria.
  28. State of Tlaxcala
    • The capital of Tlaxcala is Tlaxcala.
  29. State of Veracruz
    • The capital of Veracruz is Jalapa.
  30. State of Yucatan
    • The capital of Yucatan is Merida.
  31. State of Zacatecas
    • The capital of Zacatecas is Zacatecas.
  32. State of Federal District
    • The capital of the Federal District is Mexico City.

Belize borders on the Mexican state of Campeche and Quintana Roo. Guatemala borders on Mexican state of Chiapas, Tabasco and Campeche.

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Lodging in US States that border Mexico:

Arizona borders on the Mexican state of Sonora. California borders on the Mexican state of Baja California Norte. New Mexico borders on the Mexican state of Sonora and Chihuahua. Texas borders on the Mexican state of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.

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