Licorice Candy Facts, Use in Medicine: How's it Made

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Old Time Candy Gifts

Licorice candy is an old fashion candy favorite whether its black or red, shoe strings, rope, nips, wheels, pandas or drops. The candy makes excellent candy gifts. Its chewy and good. Sure to please both young and old.

Use in Medicine

Licorice root herb is used for flavoring confection candy and medicine. It flavored throat cough lozenges and syrups because it is effective in covering up the taste of medicine. At one time, it was used to treat peptic acids and licorice was used for heartburn.

How is its made?

Boiling the crushed and ground roots of the licorice plant, produces the juice which thickens into a paste and forms the stick form of the candy. This paste is also known as black sugar.


A licorice flavored vegetable is fennel.

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