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This Ireland travelogue is taken from my parents notes detailing their Great Britain vacation in 1988.

Shannon Airport is about a 5 and a half hour flight from New York.

County Clare - has poor soil, deforested for the hard woods needed for ships, 300 mature trees are needed for the ribs of one ship alone. O'Briens are the native family. Attractions: Dromauland Castle, Quin Abbey - a restored monastery, Caisleau Castle has a stone head of an elk thought to be 11000 years old, 16th century oak table, old bust and statues and more antiquity.

Crannogs island origin about 1500 BC where they boiled water in pits by tossing into the water heated rocks at the Krockaman Project. There is a reconstructed ring fort there, also a boat made of leather in which a man crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Bunratty Castle - hotel and Medieval Banquet served mead and a medieval dinner and entertainment.

Limerick Ireland area - principal occupations are dairy farming, sheep raising and caring for race horses

Attractions: St John's Cathedral 1850, Adair church and Newcastle

King John's 13th century castle in Muster province - we were first greeted at the entrance by a gentleman dressed in "Lord of the Manor" costume. After tasting the mead in tan upper room amid a few ceremonies, we went down to the great hall where we were served by wenches who later entertained us with singing and some fine music including a harp and violin. Leaving, a man from the Black Watch was outside the exit playing a bagpipe. Everyone paused to listen and enjoy his rhythmic music, which he accompaied by stamping one foot as he stood on the other. He had to rest after a bit, for his exertions were quite tiring, to him but not to us

A full Irish breakfast consists of: toast, juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage, slices of tomato, butter and jellies.

Road direction signs said No overtaking instead of no passing and dual carrageway instead of dual highway.

Rte. N-21 -

Abbeypale, a market town east of Tralee and Castle Island

110 miles away, Ring of Kerry and Reeks of Macgillycuddy, a mountain range, Here the land juts out into the Atlantic ocean, Dingle Bay inlet has some commercial fishing for lobsters, crab shrimp and oysters. Along here years ago some Carthaginian monks resided in beehive shaped stone huts on small islands. and along here there are black Kerry cattle. Villages in the area are Cahersiveen, Waterville and Sneem.

Rte 568 to Killarney passes the highest mountain in Ireland, Carrantual which tops at 3414 feet. The National Geographic Map says it is spelled Carrantuchill. Webster New International 1955 says Carrantual. On the drive to Killarney, we passed through the Killarney National Park where Ross Castle ruins is located. (see Irish Castles Pictures) The heather was a light purple, the gorse yellow. Large Lake in this area and they are very rocky. The natives can be seen drying their linens by tying them down on top of piles of hay out in front of their front yards.


Rte N-22 to Cork (Corcaigh) in County Cork, is the home of Henry Ford's grandfather

We passed the Irish College at Ballyvourney, a market town named Macroom, and Coachford village where they make pottery. In this fishing and hiking area where William Penn lived about 1640, there was a reconstructed 19th century castle which is now used as a school.

Before reaching Blarney, we crossed over the river Lee which flows into the Atlantic past Cork, below St. George's channel which is south of the Irish Sea. Blarney is a woolen producing area, the mills now closed, now used as shopping emporiums.

Blarney Castle is 120 feet high and has 102 steps from the entrance part way up a hill to get to the top where the Blarney Stone sits on the wall.

Waterford - home of Waterford Crystal and Waterford Castle

On Rte N-8, to Dublin Ireland, truck lanes were called climbing lanes. A slow driver is said to be taking his car out for a walk. In the water along the roadway we say oyster catchers with their long red bills, seagulls and mallard ducks. In the village of Fermoy we passed the Bishop Marphy Memorial Catholic High School Fishing is said to be good here.

Rock of Cashel is a 12th century Norman chapel and the Ardeeaglais Cathedral. Construction started in 1235 AD and the building continued in the 14th and 15th centuries.

New Ross has an old lightship.

Wexford county is a barley raising center, used in making beer. The Normans landed in 1059 in the town of Wexford. Here is the Irish Sea.

Glendalough Monestery - there is a tower 50 feet in circumference, 100 feet high and 900 years old built between 900 and 1200 AD.


Attractions: Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican Church), Norman Wall (1240 AD), the bridge over the river Liffey (tidal), the RR station, the Wellington monument, Hapenny bridge, Clergy's department store, the National Gallery of Ireland, the Unitarian church.

The Trinity College Library building (one of seven) houses millions of manuscripts and the famous book of Kells, dating back to the year 800.

Phoenix Park - zoological gardens, gas light along the drive, they have horse and bicycle games, a herd of deer, a large cross at the alter where the Pope said mass in 1979

The Dublin zoo is the 3rd largest in size next to London and Paris. They breed lions and export them to Africa to the Africa safari parks.

Viking adventure - a reconstruction of early Viking Village portrayed by actors, supposedly dating back to about 1500 BC. Very primitive costumes amid architectural studies including utensils and mannerisms of speech. We met a mother, a bride, several families, animals and learned how they built their homes. We had entered via a time machine, but left through the customary gift shop which somehow did not detract from the authenticity of our visit back in time.

Irish Words - Meanings

An overview is a lay-by Gas is petrol. Tires are tyres. A truck is a lorry. A Wrench a spanner. Call out is to give a shout. Crushed stone along the road edge is loose chippings. Traffic circle is called a roundabout.


Pictures of Ireland

beara peninsula ireland pictures

Beara Peninsula Ireland

stone of ballycrovane ireland tourism

stone of Ballycrovane, "Deich was here"

st john's church gpa bolton library ireland

St John's Cathedral and GPA Bolton Library

Trinity College Library, Dublin Ireland

book of kells trinity college library dublin

Book of Kells Trinity College Library Dublin Ireland

georgian society ireland

Castleton House Headquarters of the Georgian Society Ireland

Wicklow foothills, Blessington Lake, Dublin Ireland