North Carolina Civil War Governor Zebulan Vance - Facts, History, Information

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Zebulon Vance War Governor of the South

Zebulon Vance was the Governor of North Carolina during the Civil War. He was a Union sympathizer like most other Western North Carolinians.

However after North Carolina voted to seceed from the Union Vance joined the Confederate cause.

He was known as the War Governor.

Vance was both the 37th and 43rd governor of NC as well as a US Senator.

Born in Weavervile, Buncombe County, NC.

Attended the University of North Carolina.

Began Practicing law in Asheville in 1852.

Served as commanding officer of the "Rough and Ready Guards, which were a part of the Fourteenth North Carolina Regiment.

Elected to office of Governor in 1862 and reelected in 1864.

He would not allow supplies that were smuggled into the state via Blockade runners to be distributed to other Southern states until after North Carolinians got their share.

Zebulon Vance was a humanitarian and sympathetic to the needs of the people. North Carolina supplied the Confederacy with more food, men, and supplies than any other Confederate State. Vance’s birthplace is a monument to Zebulon Vance and his times.