New Year's Day Superstitions for Good Luck

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Here are things I have heard in the Asheville area and NC mountains that people do every year to ensure luck.

New Years Superstitions Tradition

  1. Eat Black Eyed Peas Collard Greens and Hog Jowl for New Years Day Dinner to insure good luck all year.
  2. Don't take your Christmas tree down until New Years Day or you will have bad luck all year.
  3. What ever you are doing at midnight New Years Eve you will do all year round.
  4. Its bad luck to see a red haired person on New years day.
  5. Never carry ashes out of your house on New Year's day or someone in your house will have bad luck
  6. Never sweep your house on New Year's day, or some one will be swept away before next year comes.
  7. Dont cut your hair or trim your nails on New Year's day or you cut your fortune.

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