Women's Rights Movement History, Facts and Information

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The women's rights movement goal was to improve conditions and treatment of women in the home and in the workplace. Prior to the 20th century, most Women were treated as a servant in most marriages. The man could do what he wanted, while the woman was a willing slave. Most women were raised to think and believe that their sole purpose in life was to be subserviant to their husband. Their goal in life was to get married and have children.  Women were alienated by their husbands because they were treated as a servant. Women had no rights. They were the femme covert (legal non-entity) in that they could not even sign their own wills. A man could take his children away from his wife anytime he wanted too. Men could beat their wives with little or no consequences. Women were their husbands property. Husbands and fathers were responsible for their wives or daughter's actions. (Unfortunately, in some relationships and in some areas of the world this is still true). Women began to reason that they needed rights to protect themselves.

The women's movement developed out of the abolitionist movement. Women were made to sit behind a curtain and were not allowed to speak at abolitionist meetings. So they formed the women's rights movement.

Abolitionists used the plight of the female slave who they claimed was repeatedly raped by her master to enrage the audiences into action.

Abolitionists advocated ending slavery because slavery was morally indecent. Black women were denied their children as well as their domestic sphere. Women being the moral keepers of society would sympathized with the Black women slaves and even relate marriage to slavery. The idea of the abolitionist was to end slavery by any means necessary. Enraging their audiences into mobilization.