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Thomas Seymour of Sudeley was born 1508 and died 1549.

Thomas Seymour was the 4th son of Sir John Seymour of Wulf hall, Wiltshire England. He was the younger brother of Edward Seymour, 1st duke of Somerset who was Lord Protector of Edward VI.

His sister Jane Seymour was the 3rd wife of Henry VIII in 1536 and died soon after childbirth. Jane gave Henry VIII his long awaited son and instantly gave her family the king's favor. His other sister, Elizabeth Seymour married Thomas Cromwell's son.

Thomas Seymour worked in the royal household and was often sent on diplomatic missions. He was commander of the army in the Netherlands in 1544. He became the admiral of the fleet in 1544 to protect the English Channel from French Invasion.

Thomas Seymour was made baron of Sudeley Castle in the county of Gloucestershire, 8 miles from Cheltenham. He was also made a knight of the Garter. for nearby lodging see, Cheltenham hotels.

He tried to obtain the position of guardian or protector of Edward VI by scheming against his brother, Edward who was the Lord Protector. He failed to do so. He schemed to marry the Princess Elizabeth, but Elizabeth would have nothing to do with it. It was treason for any of the heirs to even talk marriage without permission of the council. He suggested to Edward VI that he marry, Lady Jane Grey.

He secretly married Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's widow in 1547. During his marriage to Catherine, the Princess Elizabeth came to live with them. Thomas would come into Elizabeth's bedroom early in the morning and tickle her. He sometimes came into her bedroom dressed in a short nightshirt. At one time, Thomas and Catharine together cut a dress off of Elizabeth out in the courtyard. All these actions were inappropriate. After some of the servants let it leak out of the way Elizabeth was being treated, the council questioned everyone in the household.

thomas seymour portraitBoth the Princess Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey came to live with Seymour while Catherine Parr was alive.

It was said that Elizabeth loved Thomas Seymour but knew better than to let it be known.

After Catharine Parr died, Thomas tried again to get the Princess Elizabeth to marry him.

Thomas Seymour opposed enclosure which made him popular among the people but unpopular among the nobility.

Edward VI was fond of his uncle, Thomas Seymour, but Edward had no problem signing Thomas's death warrant.

Thomas Seymour was a prisoner of the Tower of London in January 1549. He was executed for treason March 20, 1549.

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Timeline of his Life

  • Commander of the Army in the Netherlands  -1544
  • Admiral of the Fleet - 1544
  • Baron Seymour of Sudeley Castle- 1547
  • Lord High Admiral of England - 1547
  • Prisoner of the Tower of London - 1549
  • Executed for treason - 1549