linnaeus classification system for Kids

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Swedish botanist Karl von Limmé, commonly known by his Latin name, Linnaeus.

He formulated the basic system of plant and animal classification that remains in use today.

Linnaean order” consists of 3 kingdoms called animal, vegetable, and mineral; within the first two there are classes called genera, families and species. It is a form of biological classification or taxonomy.

Linnaeus works are:

  • Imperium Naturae which establishes the 3 kingdoms. This work had a profound effect on the scientific world.
  •  Systema Naturae (1758), contains classifications for minerals
  • Species Plantarum (1753) contains classifications for plants

Classifications for animals contained 6 different orders.

Classifications for plants contained 24 different orders.

Classifications for minerals contained 4 different orders. this classification is no longer in use.