American Revolution in North Carolina: Facts, History and Informaiton

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American Revolution NC

  1. Western North Carolina or better known as the backcountry was a stronghold for loyalists during the mostly because the Carolina coast was rebel.
  2. After the defeat of the British at two of the most famous Battles, Battle of Cowpens and Battle of Kings Mountain, most loyalists change sides. The colonies were in such turmoil that people believed that only the militia could set things right.
  3. The British committed countless acts of violence against the colonials in reprisal for crimes against the crown committed by the militia.
  4. The militia terrorized loyalist communities. The British got blamed for all the trouble of that day, whether they were guilty or not. 
  5. When the revolution broke out, the  Cherokee Indians sided with the British. The Native American Indians believed the British would stop the encroachment on Native American Indian lands due to the Proclamation of 1763. The Colonial militia often punished those loyal to the British.  John Rutherford led the militia in carrying out a campaign against the Cherokee Indians, killing men, women and children, annihilating whole villages.
  6. Near the North Carolina Coast, Edenton, NC in 1774 protested the Boston Port act in support of the Massachusetts revolutionaries. The women of Edenton organized a successful boycott of English tea, drinks, clothing and fabrics.
    • Edenton NC was an important inland port during the Revolution.
    • Joseph Hewes of Edenton NC signed the Declaration of Independence
    • Hugh Williamson of Edenton NC , a surgeon general of North Carolina's state colonial troops, signed the Constitution in 1787 and thereby joined the Union.

Important People and Events in NC during American Revolution

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