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Find a list of ideas for Research Paper Topics, Term Papers and/or Essays for English History, Tudor England and other themed based papers.

list of Research Paper topics

  • What contributions did Elizabeth Tudor make to society?
  • What were Henry VIII military accomplishments?
  • Crime/Punishment in Tudor England
  • What were Henry VIII writings?
  • Powerful women in Tudor England
  • The conditions of Poor in Tudor England
  • Why did the people love Elizabeth I?
  • What was the nature of Henry VIII supremacy over the church and what was parliament’s role in this?
  • In what ways did Puritanism constitute a threat to the Elizabethan constitution?
  • In what ways did Roman Catholicism constitute a threat to Elizabethan constitution?
  • What was the kinship in theology between Geneva  and the Marian exiles (1553-1558)?
  • To what extent did Elizabeth I control parliament?
  • Assess Tyndale’s contribution to the English Reformation
  • What was the economic import of the monasteries at the time of dissolution?
  • What positive contributions did Thomas Wolsey make in affairs of religion and state?
  • What was the so-called Elizabethan Settlement in religion 1559?
  • Who were recusants, why were they so named and how did Elizabeth I deal with them?
  • What exactly was Thomas Cranmer’s theological position?
  • What if anything was unique about Tudor architecture?
  • How would you explain the fact that Tudor England produced its own music and not its own painters or sculptors?
  • How did the Tudor monarch go about raising an army in time of war of rebellion?
  • What were the principles and practices of Tudor medicine?
  • What was the reaction of various people to the execution of Mary Stuart?
  • Compare the Spanish ships in the Armada with the English ships?
  • Was the English revolution of 1649-60 a failure or success?