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Medicine is and always has been in a state of perpetual change. New ideas, new theories, and new techniques are continuously evolving. Due to these innovations, milestones in the history of medicine have been achieved, contributing to the quality and duration of life. Therefore, living conditions have drastically improved due to advancements in medical technology. Civilization is shaped significantly by medical technology. To fully understand the impact medical technology has on civilization as a whole, one must examine the past. Thirty years ago, many of the medical techniques practiced today only existed in the minds of science fiction connoisseurs.

Medical Technology is a very broad subject covering many diverse and separate fields. Among the most influential of these fields is gene therapy. This field is responsible for significant changes in the way medicine is practiced. In the future, this field will contribute to the way society is shaped.

DNA Basics and Medicine

A gene is a protein substance. It is an integral part of DNA which is the building blocks of life. To unlock the secret of life is to free society from disease and suffering. Identifying the genes responsible for disease is equivalent to identifying the source of disease. Genetic manipulation will ensure that the cell will repair itself and function properly. Medical treatment is now tailored to the individual. Genetic composition varies from one person to another. Genes make each individual unique. Mankind is on the brink of genetic perfection.

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