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Hugh Latimer was a Bishop of Worcester in the Reformed Church of England. He became a Protestant Martyr along with Nicholas Ridley when Mary 1 burnt them at the stake in Oxford for heresy.

Best known for a Reformer and a Protestant Martyr.

He preached for reform of the English Church.

Latimer was born at Thruscaston in Leicestershire.

His father was a Yeoman farmer.

He attended Clare college at Cambridge.

In 1510, he was elected fellow of Clare College

In 1514, he became MA.

In 1524, he became bachelor of divinity

He had a reputation as a preacher.

In his early years, his religious views were orthodox. However, in 1525 he changed his beliefs leaning towards Martin Luther's new doctrines. Thomas Bilney was a chief influence on Latimer. Bilney was burned as a heretic in 1531 by Henry VIII.

Latimer was called before Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who dismissed Latimer of suspicions of heresy. He preached before Henry VIII who was so impressed he appointed Latimer as royal Chaplain. He was investigated for heresy by Thomas More.

In January 1532, Latimer was excommunicated and imprisoned by Archbishop William Warham after refusing to submit to some articles. However in April of that same year, Latimer complied.

In 1535, Latimer was appointed Bishopric Winchester.

In 1536, he was regarded as a leader of the English reformation.

When Thomas Cromwell fell from power, Latimer lost his support at court as well.

Latimer was a prisoner of the tower of London off and on in the last years of Henry VIII's reign. He was held on suspicions of heresy. He was also imprisoned right before Edward VI's reign began.


Latimer preached far and wide. His sermons attracted large crowds and they popularized the English reformation.

When Mary I came to the throne, Latimer was arrested in March 1554 together with Thomas Cranmer and Nicholas Ridley. All three prisoners were sent to Oxford to be tried and executed for heresy. There was no doubt that any of the prisoners would be spared. Latimer was burned at the stake on October 16, 1555. he did not recant. His famous last words were: Be of good comfort, Master Ridley and play the man, we shall this day light such a candle by God's grace in England as I trust shall never be put out. He died a martyr.

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Latimer was influenced greatly by Cranmer's writings and Ridley. His sermons attacked social problems of the times which he blamed on the Bishops and landlords. Many of his sermons were printed.


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