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Andrew Jackson facts - born on March 15, 1767 in Waxhaws, South Carolina. His parents were from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. His father died early. He was raised by his mother. Jackson's mother and 2 brothers were killed in the American Revolutionary War.

TThe American Revolution

birthplace Waxhall SCAt the age of 13, Jackson joined the Continental Army. He fought against British regulars at the Battle of Hanging Rock which took place on August 1, 1780. At 14 years old, he was taken prisoner and suffered from wounds as well as humiliation inflicted by a British officer.

Jackson attended several schools. He taught school for awhile. He studied law in Salisbury NC. By the time he was 20, he had a license to practice law. In 1788, he began working as prosecuting attorney for Western North Carolina in superior court.

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Marriage to Rachel Robards

wife RachelIn August 1791, Jackson married Rachel Robards in Natchez Mississippi. Rachel had been married before. There were questions about the legitimacy of the marriage because Rachel supposedly had not gotten a divorce from her first husband. So, he and Rachel remarried in January 1794. the scandal was used as a political weapon by Jackson's enemies.

Defends his wife, Rachel in duel

Andrew Jackson defends his wife Rachel in a duelJackson was known for his duels. Dueling was illegal in Tennessee but was still an accepted way to settle differences.Charles Dickenson insulted Jackson's wife. He challenged Dickenson to a duel. The infamous duel took place on the Red river in Kentucky just over the Tennessee border. Jackson was seriously wounded. Dickenson was killed. It became yet another scandal for political opponents to use against him.

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War of 1812 made General

the Battle of New OrleansJackson fought in the War of 1812. He was nicknamed Old Hickory by his men. In 1814, he was called upon to put down an uprising of the Creek Indians. Battles against the Creek Indians were fought at Tallahatchie, Talladega, Emuckfew Creek, Enotachapco and Topeka (Horseshoe Bend). The Cherokee Indians allied with Jackson's troops against the Creek. On March 27, 1814 at the battle of Horseshoe Bend, 800 Creek Indians were killed. It was the end of the uprising. A Treaty was signed on August 10, 1814. Because of his victories in 1814, He was made a General in the US Army. The same year, he was ordered to New Orleans to defend the city against an imminent British attack. the army was made up of New Orleans militia, Kentucky and Tennessee frontiersman, Mississippi Dragoons, Choctaw Indians and US Infantry.

In the famous Battle of New Orleans , after the British landed, Jackson was quoted as saying, Quote: "By the Eternal, they shall not sleep on our soul ... I will smash them so help me God."end of Quote. The British were defeated with over 2000 casualties. The Americans reportedly suffered less than 100 casualties. The Battle of New Orleans made Jackson a national hero which later helped get him elected President.


In 1828, Jackson was elected to the Presidency. Before his inauguration, Rachael, his wife died. She was buried at the Jackson home in Tennessee, The Hermitage. He was in office from 1829-1837. His vice president was John C. Calhoun. His first secretary of state was Martin Van Buren.

There is a memorial monument in Washington DC to Jackson.

Indian Policy - see Trail of Tears

Questions and Answers

Question: How many years was Andrew Jackson in Office? Answer: 8 years or 2 terms.

Question: What was Andrew Jackson known for? Answer: He was best known for his temper but the victory at battle of New Orleans is what won the people to his side. He was so strong willed and decisive that his enemies referred to him as King Andrew Jackson.

hermitage home

The Hermitage home of Andrew Jackson, Nashville Tenn.


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Andrew Jackson Portrait

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Close up of Andrew Jackson on a twenty dollar bill

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