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The Hermitage home of Andrew Jackson was built in 1818 near Nashville TN. The home caught on fire in 1834 and was repaired. It was a fine plantation and prospered along as Andrew Jackson was living.

After Jackson's death in 1845, the estate went downhill. Jackson's son sold the Hermitage to the federal government in 1856. Jackson is buried beside his wife. His descendents are also buried at the Hermitage garden family plot.

The Hermitage was designated as a Registered National Historic landmark in 1961. On the grounds of the Hermitage are the Carriage house, the museum, the smokehouse, the gardens, the mansion, the tomb of Mrs. Jackson, Uncle Alfred's cabin (a faithful servant of Jackson), the greenhouse, the stone springhouse, the cabin by the spring and the Early Heritage. Nearby find Tulip Grove (the home of Jackson's in-laws), Hermitage Church and the Arboretum.

hermitage homeThe Hermitage mansion has many antiques, relics, papers, letters, period furniture, portraits, clothing and other personal belongings of the Jackson's. Both the Hermitage and Tulip Grove are built in Neo Classical design.