Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII of England History- Prisoner of the Tower of London

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Thomas Cromwell was the son of a Blacksmith. Thomas Cromwell supported church reform. The Boleyns supported Cromwell. Cromwell laid the new foundation for the church and advised Henry to dissolve the monasteries. Cromwell got Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon so Henry could marry Anne Boleyn.

Cromwell reconstructed Parliament.

In 1532, the English church and papacy attacked by Cromwell and agreed to pay heavy fines. The Church was now subject to secular law because Cromwell did away with the Church’s courts.

Cromwell pushed for a marriage treaty with the Germans and arrange for Henry VIII to marry  Anne of Cleves. Holbein painted a flattering picture of Anne. Henry found her ugly and did not consummate the marriage. Henry was very angry that he had been deceived and Cromwell was made to pay for it. Cromwell was held responsible for all that was done and for all Henry’s bad decisions. Arrested and sent to the tower of London, Cromwell was executed in 1540 for treason.  Henry got his divorce or annulment to Anne of Cleves who was made Henry's sister and treated very well. She was given a pension and remained in England the rest of her life.

Thomas Cromwell Facts
  • Chief Minister to Henry VIII
  • Lord Privy Seal
  • Executed for Treason - 1540


picture of Thomas Cromwellportrait of Thomas Cromwell

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