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The Cold Mountain movie is based on the best selling book Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. Although Hollywood is infamous for changing stories of books, the Cold Mountain movie follows the book very closely.  Cold Mountain is in Haywood County, near Weaverville North Carolina History in the  NC mountains and about 20 minutes away from the Asheville area

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  • Jude Law
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Renee Zellweger
  • Kristen LaPrada - 11 year old in last scene of movie

Cold Mountain Movie Review

Cold Mountain is a historical fiction novel where events and circumstances happened but the characters were fictitious. The story could very well have happened as many of the instances did occur and similar acts against individuals did happen on a large scale. Union forces did tunnel under Confederate troops and blow up the Confederate encampment at Petersburg Virginia. North Carolina had the highest enlistment of any of the Confederate States, but they also had the highest desertion rate. The high desertion rate was due to the high death tolls. The death tolls of civil war battles were unbelievably high for instance, Gettysburg casualties were in excess of 50,000 dead per day. The weapons had advanced but the tactics used on the battleground had not. Men marched right into the cannon fire and gunshots. Governor Vance (North Carolina Governor), nicknamed the war general, did issue orders to shoot all deserters. The Home guard was as vicious and hated as much as the invading Union troops. Critics say that Cold Mountain leaves the viewer cold, I felt it left the viewer with something to think about. It was an excellent movie and well worth seeing. The 11 year old actress Kristen LaPrada is from Winston Salem North Carolina.

Cold Mountain North Carolina

Cold Mountain is a real mountain located in Haywood County North Carolina. It can be seen from an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway near mile marker 412 which is the west view of the 6,030 ft Cold Mountain. Blue Ridge Parkway is closed in winter due to poor weather at higher elevations however Cold Mountain overlook is assessable via Highway 276 which runs between Waynesville and Etowah near Asheville NC. Another view of Cold Mountain is near mile marker 431 at Haywood Jackson. The overlook is closed most of the winter months. Cold Mountain movie is set in North Carolina but was filmed mostly in the country Romania and other states such as Virginia.

There is a legend of Cold Mountain that tells the story of a Confederate deserter who was from the Haywood County NC area. He had returned to Cold Mountain, hid out in a cave and his lover brought food and water to him periodically. There was also, an Inman on the Confederate roster for the Cold Mountain area. (source: Mt Airy North Carolina Newspaper) The story might well be true.