Cloning Human Organs Facts - Pros, Cons, Therapeutic

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Cloning although related to gene therapy is a separate field. 

Arguments against human cloning

Cloning is considered by most as the ideal way to perfect the human race creating a master race. This idea is associated with Hitler and other totalitarian governments. The negative implications of cloning has on world stability have contributed to a worldwide ban on the practice. There are websites with information on how to clone.

The movie, Gattaca, predicts a society that uses genetics to determine a person's job, mate, and place in society; denying individual expression and freedom. Children were chosen from a test tube. Parents choose what genetics they wanted their children to have. Children that were conceived naturally were discriminated against. The movie Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones suggests the same possibilities. The book Brave New World is another good example. These Science fiction stories all have one thing in common. They all predict the advanced technologies contributing to the demoralization and desensitizing of society, as well as the loss of individualism and the loss of freedom.

There are always repercussions from messing with nature.

Genetic Turning Points: The ethics of human genetic intervention

Therapeutic Cloning: Pros: Benefits

Therapeutic cloning is considered a separate field from cloning and is legal. This type of cloning grows human organs tissues and  for replacement parts. It is especially beneficial to organ transplant patients. If organ transplants were cultivated from the person receiving the organ, rejection would be improbable..

Repro-Genesis Corporation of Cambridge, Massachusetts is producing human breasts from the cultivated cells of a woman's thigh. These cells are placed in a breast-shaped mold. When the mold is dissolved, the cells from a perfect breast.

Cultivated cells come from living cells and are not man-made. Examples of living cells used for this purpose are aborted fetuses and cells from embryos. These cultivated cells are placed within a media that promotes cell growth. The most common media used for cell growth are experimental animal tissues. Pigs and Mice are often the animals of choice for growing human parts.

written May 2000