North Carolina American Civil War Facts, Information, History, Timeline

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American Civil War in North Carolina

Western North Carolina in the Civil War

  1. Western North Carolina had many Union sympathizers.
  2. People in WNC were poor and few owned slaves. Many were abolitionists.
  3. The underground railway that helped many slaves to freedom in the north ran through the Asheville area.
  4. Governor Vance was from Weaverville located in Western North Carolina. see section on Vance Birthplace.
  5. Buncombe Riflemen was a Volunteer Confederate Outfit.
  6. Asheville Armory supplied the Confederacy with Ammunition and Arms
  7. Stoneman's Raid came through Western North Carolina

Cherokee Indians During the Civil War

The Cherokee Indians signed a declaration of secession and fought on the Confederate side.

See Cherokee Indians Facts for more details on Cherokee Native Americans.

Field Hospitals in WNC

Calvary Episcopal Church

Blake House Asheville NC

The Confederate soldiers were cared for in the bedrooms upstairs. Some of the nurses took pity on the injured Union soldiers and cared for them in the tunnel system under the Inn.

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