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Secession American Civil War Facts

  • The secession was prompted by the election of Abraham Lincoln.
    • Lincoln was not on the ballad in Southern states but got elected anyway.
    • Lincoln was Republican which was Free Soil Party
    • Free Soil meant that future states would not have slavery.
    • Lincoln would not budge on this issue
    • The Civil war was about the expansion of slavery and not about abolition. Cotton depleted the soil quickly and needed more land to expand on
    • Lincoln supported a constitutional amendment to legalize slavery in the states that already were slave states.

Secessionist States

  • There were 2 secessions - Names of Confederate States in order of secession:
    • The first occurred from December 1860 - February 1861 with 7 states leaving the Union - South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Texas.
    • NC seceded in the 2nd secession with Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas.
    • 4 slave states did not secede - Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware.

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