World History Last 250 Years - Changes in Technology Improvements and Impact

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The world has drastically changed over the last 250 years. Over the span of 250 years, the human race has seen triumphs and tragedy. We have seen political leaders come and go. Technology has grown to exceed human imaginations. The world has come together economically. Most importantly, the world has survived.

The world has seen many triumphs and tragedy over the last 250 years. On one hand, we have seen the American Colonies get their independence from Great Britain and become into a powerful nation. Medicine has developed and helped humans live longer. Doctors have improved better hygiene and surgical techniques. On the other hand, we have seen innocent people become enslaved. Aids have become a deadly plague which has killed millions. People are still starving. People are still in dyer need of medicine.

Political leaders have gained and lost power. We have seen a crazed tyrant named Hitler try to take over the world. In his effort, we lost millions based on hatred and greed. Then again, we saw the world came together and destroy this evil tyrant’s plans. We have seen a man named Nelson Mandela become imprisoned because on his views in South Africa. Only to have him set free, and became a leader for his country.

Technology has improved human life in many aspects. In 1825, George Stephenson helped develop the first railroad. This allowed people to quickly transport food and valuable items. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Who would have thought we would see a man walking on the moon? Or we would be able to communicate to one another though a box called a computer?

The world has come together economically. Free trade has enabled countries to come together. Businesses work together regardless of their nations. People have become more loyal to their business than their own nation.

What can we look forward to over the next 250 years? More of the same, people will find a way kill one another. People will gain and lose power. Wars will be won and lost. We will improve technology beyond anyone’s imagination. Hopefully, we will be written about in 2250.