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Catherine Parr was the 6th queen consort of Henry VIII.  Catharine was the daughter of Sir Thomas Parr who died in 1517.  Thomas was an official of the royal household. He owned Kendal castle which was built around 1100.

Catharine was married twice prior to Henry VIII. Her first husband was Edward Borough who died in 1529. Her second husband was John Neville Lord Latimer who died in either 1542 or 1543.

Henry sought Katherine as a wife for companionship in his old age. She married Henry VIII on July 12, 1543. The were married at Hampton Court with Anne of Cleves as a witness.

Catherine Parr was a popular Queen. She was kind, gentle and intelligent. She could write and speak French fluently.


She liked to discuss her religious views particularly with Henry. Her views borderline Heresy. At one point, she was to be arrested for heresy. The warrant for her arrest, signed by Henry, was dropped in the hallway. One of Catharine's maids found it and brought it to Catherine. The Queen went to Henry and convinced Henry she was not a heretic without revealing she knew of the warrant. The warrant was returned to the place it was dropped. While Henry was with Catharine, the warrant was served. However, Henry told the person delivering the warrant that it was a mistake. So, Catharine was spared due to a stroke of luck.

Relationship to Henry VIII Children

Catherine got along well with all of Henry's children. She took an interest in their education. After Henry VIII died, the Princess Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey came to live with her. 

She had made good friends with Mary, Henry's oldest daughter by Catherine of Aragon

Marriage to Thomas Seymour

catherine parr portraitIn January 1547, shortly after Henry VIII's death she married Lord Thomas Seymour of Sudeley who was also Lord Admiral of England and the brother of the Lord Protector Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset.


She wrote A Lamentation or Complaynt of  a Sinner in 1548.


She died shortly after giving birth to a baby girl who survived. The child was named Mary after Mary Tudor. Her baby, Mary was only 7 months when Thomas Seymour was executed leaving her an orphan. The estate was confiscated by the crown cause Seymour was a traitor. She was taken in by the Duchess of Suffolk who took care of her. Nothing else is known about what happen to the child.

Grave / Ghost

Catharine Parr is buried at Sudeley Castle. It is said her ghost haunts the grounds today. for nearby lodging see, Cheltenham hotels.


Catharine Parr portrait is in the National Portrait Gallery. It was painted by William Scrots in 1545.

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