Ancient Minoan Civilization : Facts, History and Information:  Culture, Life, Art, Achievements

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Minoan Culture

Minoans had a strong civilization on Crete before 1500BCE There is no evidence that the Minoans had slaves. They were not ruled by a warlord but did have a very large navy that was used for trade. Minoans exported pottery, silver, lumber, metal and textiles. They traded silver, ivory and lumber to Egypt. Scribes also known as rabbis, teachers or lawyers monitored agricultural and manufacturing production for the purpose of taxation.

Women held equal status with men. There were female bull fighters and boxer for example.

The major deity was a goddess.

The people enjoy games and sports.

The great art of the Minoans showed the beauty of Crete instead of portraying war and power.

The decline of the Minoan society is not known. It is thought that some major natural disaster could be blamed as there is no evidence of war.

The start of the Mycenia civilization was immediately after the Minoan. There is no starting or ending date. The Myceneans were traders. They were highly bureaucratic recording everything including names of animals. They used slaves and were ready for war. Cities were built on hills and fortified as they fought a lot among themselves.

The Myceneans had no distinguishing art, literature or other achievements. They taxed everything. However, they were never a powerful civilization because of fighting among themselves.