Colonial Life in the American Colonies: New England, Middle, Southern Colonies:
Facts, Information, History: Religion, Women, Witchcraft

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The 13 Original American Colonies were Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Appointed by the crown, the royal governor of a colony represented the monarch. He had more power than the monarch. He could veto laws made by the colonial assembly. The royal governor could dissolve the assembly and council. He could dismiss judges, create and dismantle courts. However, most royal governors did not enforce their authority because they did not want to offend or anger the assembly. The assembly had the power of the purse and therefore the authority to pay or not pay the governorís salary.


  1. Discovery of America Essay
  2. colonial life in the middle colonies includes: New York, New Jersey, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands, Delaware, Pennsylvania
  3. Colonial women in Massachusetts - covers witchcraft
  4. Colonial women in Maryland - women's role in Maryland Colony, indentured servants, head of households and more.
  5. European Colonists relations with Native Americans
  6. European Colonists conflicts with Native Americans
  7. Delaware Colony - Swedish, Dutch then British colony, Governors, Timeline of events
  8. Declaration of Independence Explained plus a list of the signers.
  9. George Washington Quotes
  10. Jesuits and the Counter Reformation
  11. Maryland Colony History - covers the role of women, indenture servants, religion
  12. Massachusetts Colony
  13. North Carolina Colonial History
  14. NC Colony Economics, Slavery, Cash Crop and Market
  15. North Carolina Religion in colony - Locke and Cooper proprietors, King Charles II, William III and Queen Anne, Anglican Church Tax, Parishes
  16. Rhode Island Colony History - William Rogers
  17. Pennsylvania Colony - William Penn, King Charles II, diversity of religion, tolerance, Philadelphia
  18. Pirates on the NC Coast
  19. Puritans Massachusetts Bay Colony
  20. Regulators Movement
  21. Revolutionary War in North Carolina
  22. Scots-Irish Immigration: Route, Facts, Influence
  23.  The Pueblo Revolt - Spanish Colony Southwest
  24. Thomas Jefferson on Religion and State - covers Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and religion
  25. Colonial Virginia