Western North Carolina in 1900, History - Facts - Information
The Railroad, Logging Industry, Henry Grady, Roosevelt CCC, TVA, Rural Electrification Program

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In the early 1900s, logging became a major industry in Western North Carolina. However, the region was still isolated from the rest of the state and country.

Railroad trestles from Swannanoa to Ridgecrest was built with Convict Labor. Heavy death toll among the convicts due to harsh conditions, poor nutrition and poor treatment.

  1. Black Mountain North Carolina (near Asheville NC) was a gathering place for the Modernist Painters.
  2. The mother of the Famous Newspaper Columnist Henry Grady who advocated the need for the South to Industrialize was from Asheville. Her last name was Woodfin and her father owned the Woodfin section of Asheville. The Woodfin area is where UNCA is located today.
  3. Carroll A. Deering - April 1919 - Hatteras North Carolina - History and mystery of the Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals

World War I

North Carolina and the Great War- Documenting the South from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill examines how World War I shaped the lives of different North Carolinians on the battlefield and on the home front as well how the state and federal government responded to war-time demands.

 Lafayette Escadrille Pilot Biographies. - Kiffin Rockwell an Asheville resident and a WWI soldier was the first pilot of the Escadrille Lafayette to shoot down an enemy plane. He was killed in action on September 16, 1916. Here is an excellent book with much information on Kiffin Rockwell and other WWI pilots:

The German Invasion of Western North Carolina

Asheville North Carolina During the 1920's

  1. Doctor's around the country recommended the mountains of Western North Carolina, particularly Asheville, to patients for respiratory problems.
  2. Many tuberculosis (consumption) sanitariums sprang up in the Asheville area.
  3. Lillian Exum Clemet Stafford First female legislature in South elected to NC house 1920 from Asheville

Asheville North Carolina During the 1930's

  • Legend says that the notorious gangster John Dillinger vacationed regularly in Hot Springs, North Carolina (near Asheville).
  • Like the rest of the country the Depression hit NC. Although, many residents did not notice any differences in their lifestyes because they were already poor.
  • The Appalachian Region was the poorest region. Roosevelt aimed much of the New Deal's Relief and Reform programs at this region. Needless to say, the New Deal left a lasting imprint on Western North Carolina.