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Asheville Helen's Bridge

A ghost of a woman haunts Helen's Mountain or Bridge is near Beaucatcher Mountain in the Asheville area and NC mountains . The ghost is the spirit of a woman who hung herself off the bridge. Some say she was murdered. Others say she committed suicide. Legend says if you say Helen 3 times she'll appear, and your car won't start. Most kids only stay here for about 5 minutes, get scared and leave in a hurry. Local Teenagers have been going up here for decades. This story is documented in Haunted Asheville.

The event below was submitted to me by a resident named Christa, I have heard similar stories of Helen's mountain throughout my life.

This happened in Asheville, North Carolina some where around the 1800s'. This woman named Helen lived on what we now call, Beaucatcher Mountain. Helen loved here daughter a lot. One day she was playing with her daughter and she left for something (I forgot why), and when she came back the room was on fire and her daughter was trapped in it. Her daughter had died, so Helen when out to the bridge and hung herself. Witness say that, if you go up to the mountain and call her name three times she will appear and ask you, if you have seen her daughter. One day my Mom took me, a friend, and my sisters up there. On the way up there my friend at the time dared me to call her name, so I did (I was only 11 then). We got to the bridge and the wind was just blowing in that one area, and the next thing I know all you could see was the see through woman walking on the bridge. I turned so pale and so did my friend. My Mom asked me what was wrong and all I could say was drive. I was just so scared. Then my Mom saw her and she wanted to stay but I was about to cry. I will never forget it. The tales are TRUE!!!! Now that I'm 16 I tell all my friends and everyone who will listen, about what we had seen.

A similar story happened about 20 years ago to a man whom I cannot mention his name, he claims to have gone to Helen's mountain one Friday night with a group of friends. Standing outside the car, he spoke Helen three times. A ball of light shot out. The man's friends drove off and left him there standing alone to deal with Helen. However, the man claims he outran the car down the mountain!

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