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Grove Park Inn Resort Spa Attractions

Grove Park Inn Resort is located at 290 Macon Avenue in Asheville NC. The hotel is now the Omni. It is a 4 star hotel. The Grove Park Inn Resort hallways are tastefully decorated year round (see pictures). There is both an indoor / outdoor swimming pool and spa.
The resort is located in Asheville. The elegant grand hotel has beautiful views of theNC Mountains. It overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains.
It was built 1913 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Grove Park Inn decorates every year for Christmas and it is beautiful. There is a Gingerbread House contest every year at Christmas. Visiting the Resort at Christmas time is a family tradition my parents set years ago. The one thing I remember about the resort at Christmas is the huge Christmas tree in the lobby and the Gingerbread houses on display.

The Inn also decorates for most all occasions, holidays and events.

The Grove Park Inn Resort has several restaurants, a clothing store, a spa, beautiful mountain views and more. There are 2 huge fireplaces in the lobby. You can eat on terraces overlooking views of the mountains and golf course. The Grove Park Inn Resort hosts events, seminars and conferences throughout the year. A visit to the resort is well worth your time and effort. Even if you don't book a room you can still visit and enjoy the day here. Residents of Asheville do visit the Inn regularly especially around the holidays.

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Pictures of the Grove Park Inn

grove park inn asheville, NC hotels & resort

naudikah enjoying her day at the Grove Park Inn Asheville NC
roaring fire in fireplace at the Grove Park Inn Asheville NC Grove Park Inn hallway tastefully decorated

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Grove Park Inn Wall of Fame

There is a wall full of Celebrities pictures who have visited the Grove Park Inn. Here is a partial list of some of the celebrities and other famous people who have visited the Resort

  1. Woodrow Wilson
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  4. Dwight Eisenhower
  5. Richard Nixon
  6. Dorothy Dix
  7. Crystal Gayle
  8. Robin Williams
  9. George Vanderbilt
  10. William Jennings Byron - Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State, Populist Leader
  11. President Obama and wife

Grove Park Inn Resort Ghost - North Carolina ghost stories

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