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Warwick Castle fortification was built in 914 by the daughter of Alfred the Great. The castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. It has been the home of the earls of Warwick and most notably Richard Neville Earl of Warwick the Kingmaker. Richard Neville was the father of Anne Neville who married King Richard III.

Today, explore the castle's dungeon, the courtyard, the towers and other places of interest. There are medieval pageants and banquets, historical re-enactments, concerts and events planned throughout the year. Eat at the restaurant. You can buy annual tickets. Corporate events, banquets, weddings, receptions, dinners and other functions can be arranged.

The town of Warwick is located 8 miles north of Stratford just off the A46

The town of Warwick was first fortified in 914 by the daughter of Alfred the Great, Ethelfleda.

The Castle is built on the River Avon

Surrounding the Castle, find Timbered Tudor houses built in the Tudor period..


  • Warwick Castle is a Medieval Castle.
  • Warwick Castle displays a collection of famous paintings by Holbein, Rubens,  and Van Dyck.
  • Houses a collection of arms and armor.
  • In the Castle's dungeon and torture chamber you will find graffiti left by captured Royalist soldiers from the English Civil War.
  • Warwick Castle has 60 acres of gardens and is located along the River Avon.


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great hall of castle

The great hall

Lord Leycester's Hospital

  • Lord Leycester's Hospital was founded in 1383 as a Guildhall.
  • 1571, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester renovated the Guildhall for Almshouses.
  • Lord Leycester's hospital is today a present day museum and home to ex-servicemen.