William Warham Archbishop of Canterbury Facts, History and Henry VIII


  • Archbishop of Canterbury 1450-1532
  • Chancellor of Oxford University in 1506
  • Lord Chancellor
  • Bishop of London
  • Keeper of the Great Seal

William Warham was from Hampshire England. He was educated at Winchester and New College Oxford.

He helped arraigned the marriage between Arthur and Catherine of Aragon in 1496.


In 1502, Warham was consecrated bishop of London and keeper of the Great Seal. He opposed reform. In 1504, he became Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of Canterbury.  Warham opposed the marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII because Henry was Arthur's brother and Catherine was his widower. The bible had passages that condemn a man who took his brother's widow as his wife.

Warham resigned his office of Lord Chancellor in 1515 and was succeeded by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

Warham signed the letter to Pope Clement VII urging the Pope to grant Henry's annulment to his marriage to Catharine of Aragon (The Kings Great Matter).

Warham died August 1532 and is buried at Canterbury Cathedral.

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