Queen Anne of England: Facts, History, Timeline: Life, Biography, Achievements, Pictures: 
Information: Pregnancies, Succession, Constitutional Monarchy, Act of Settlement, Act of Union

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Queen Anne followed King William in 1702-1714

William in the last months of his reign, put England in the worldwide conflict known as the War of the Spanish Secession which lasted 11 years.

Queen Anne was influenced greatly by Sarah Churchill, wife of the Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill

She was pregnant 17 times

Only one of Anne's children survived but died when 11 years old

She was the last of the Stuart Dynasty

Provisions made in the Act of Settlement made Sophia who was protestant and the granddaughter of James I was to rule after Anne if Anne had no heirs. This began the Hanover dynasty. Rules were instituted for sovereigns  who came from other countries. Anyone who took possession of the English throne in the future would have to join the English church, and if the person came from another country England would not be obliged to go to war for that country without consent of Parliament. Changes limited the powers of the King/Queen and gave more power to Parliament. The rulings made a constitutional monarchy.

Act of Union - Scotland joins the UK