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Mary I of England was the oldest of Henry VIII children. Her mother was Catharine of Aragon, Henry's first wife.

Henry divorced Catharine in favor of Anne Boleyn and after that, the princess Mary fell from favor and spent most of her time away from court.

Henry VIII separated Mary from her mother after the divorce. He did not want them scheming. He did not allow Mary to visit her mother, Catharine even when she was dying. Henry made her sign papers that said she was illegitimate and her mother's marriage to Henry was not valid.

Mary followed Edward VI who was the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour (3rd wife). Edward died at age 15 from consumption (tuberculosis).

Mary reigned for 5 years.

There was a short revolt prior to her being crowned in which Lady Jane was put on the throne for 9 days.

Mary forgave her cousin Jane and spared her life but was forced to execute Jane later because of another uprising. This time led by Thomas Wyatt.

queen mary 1 portraitMary I and Religion

Queen Mary 1 of England was a devout Catholic. She  tried to convert the country back to Catholicism. The first year of Mary's reign was tolerant, protestants were allowed to leave England.

Mary executed all the bishops who were responsible for her mothers divorce and anyone who would not repent and convert back to Catholicism during her reign. She was nicknamed Bloody Mary afterwards.

Mary was nicknamed Bloody Mary because she executed over 300 people. Although this number of executions seem small compared to her father and other kings of that day, Mary got the reputation because she executed people for religion and not treason.

Mary 1 policies were laid out by Stephen Gardner, bishop of Winchester who had spent many years in prison under Edward VI.

In October 1553, the church purged itself of married clergy.

In Oct 1553, the annulment of Catharine of Aragon and Henry VIII was absolved and Mary 1 declared legitimate.

In 1554, the Act of Supremacy was repealed and Rome was petitioned for reunion. The charged of treason was lifted against Cardinal Pole and he was permitted to return to England and the old heresy laws were reinstated.

Mary married Phillip of Spain in July 1554. The marriage made her extremely unpopular because the English people loathed being ruled by a foreigner.

For several year, Mary put her sister Elizabeth in the tower of London on threat of execution as a prisoner.

Mary thought she was pregnant and her stomach swelled up just like she was pregnant. She was not and she soon died after.

Legend of Bloody Mary: Look in a mirror in the dark and whisper Mary 3 times as you turn around in a circle and she will appear. Speculation: this legend most likely came about cause the protestants had to worship in secrecy. Protestants were being hunted down, tortured and executed.

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