King George 3 and the American Revolution - Facts, History, Information, Pictures: Reign, Tea Tax

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King of England during American Revolution.

King George suffered from Insanity.

King George III believed that England was the freest member of any civil society in the world. He believed that it would be disastrous to both England and the colonies if America succeeds in the revolution. He referred to the years as money England has invested in the American Colonies.

King George III referred to the revolution as a disorder that can be mended back together in a brief length of time. George intended to put a speedy end to the rebellion.

During the years King George III reign (1760ís), Parliament enacted tax bills and laws on the Colonies only to appeal these acts very soon after. There was no firm hand that enforced the laws and the Colonists were able to get around the law. As in the case of a child, if a parent was not strict and does not lay down the law and stick to it, the child learns that the law was not absolute and therefore the parent loses control of the child.

King George III was generous to his subjects who served him well. The people of Briton viewed his generosity as consequence of a corrupt government.

King George was a simple man who enjoyed simple things in life.


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The Tea Tax

Due to the high cost of the French and Indian wars, (7 year war) The nation was in debt when the Revolution broke out and many Britons did not wish to spend more money on war. The American colonists paid much less in taxes than British subjects living in England did. Parliament allowed tea to skip the usual route to England and go straight to America. This made tea less expensive even with the tax Parliament levied on it. However, the colonists rebelled. This perplexed the English. They thought the colonists would be happy to pay the tax if it meant lower prices.