John Churchill Duke of Marlborough Facts, Life, History, Information: Hero of Blenheim

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John Churchill was born into poverty, but became one of the greatest military commanders in history. He served James II, William III and Queen Anne. His wife, Sarah, was a close friend and confidante of Anne for many years previous to and during her reign.


The Duke of Marlborough was wise to change his allegiance from James II to William of Orange even before James vacated the throne. He was not very well-liked by William, however, and turned his allegiance back to James during his exile, losing royal favor for some years. However, the Duke reached the full potential of his military genius winning many major battles in the Spanish Succession during the reign of Queen Anne, most notably the Battle of Blenheim.

john churchill battle of blenheim

Battle of Blenheim 1704

Blenheim Palace was built and given to John Churchill for winning the battle of Blenheim.

John Churchill was the ancestor of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace

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