Prime Minister Gladstone Facts, History, Information, Reforms

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Gladstone Facts:

  1. Prime Minister 4 times
  2. Tory
  3. Spoke out against Abolition of slavery because his family owned slaves on their West Indian plantation
  4. Talent for public speaking
  5. Junior Lord of Treasury
  6. Secretary at the Colonial Office
  7. 1841 Gladstone was appointed Vice President of the Board of Trade then President
  8. Noted for Tariff reform  abolishing many tariffs and lowering others
  9. Liberal non-intervention list view of State’s role
  10. Chancellor of the Exchequer in Lord Aberdeen’s coalition of Whigs
  11. Created with having established the role of Chancellor as one of the key posts in government with the Treasury as central department
  12. Reduced income tax but the costs of Crimean war forced him to raise it again and add duty to important commodities
  13. Had an ability to connect with the Victorian working class