Prime Minister Disraeli Facts, History, Information, Accomplishments

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PM Disraeli Facts:

  1. Jewish decent
  2. Converted to the Anglican faith in order to serve in government offices
  3. Prime Minister twice 1868 and then again 1874-80
  4. Enacted many domestic reforms in housing, public health and factory legislation
  5. Notable for aggressive foreign policy
    1. Annexation of Fiji Island 1874
    2. Annexation of the Transvaal South Africa 1877
    3. The War against the Afghans 1878-79
    4. Zulu War of 1879
    5. England proclaimed as an Imperial Power
  6. Disraeli was a great favorite of Queen Victoria
  7. Under Disraeli the government purchased the controlling share of the Suez Canal Stock from the bankrupt Egyptians which strengthened British Mediterranean interests
  8. Secured the treaty revisions after Turkish War
    1. Disraeli induced Turkey to cede Cyprus to Great Britain
    2. Forced Russia to submit the Treaty of San Stefano to the Congress of Berlin 1878
    3. Reduced Russian power in the Balkans and help preserve peace in Europe
  9. Created Earl of Beaconsfield 1876
  10. Defeated by Gladstone in 1880