King Charles I of England Facts, Timeline, History

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King Charles was strongly Catholic and enraged the Puritan Parliament. He continued the practices of James I. Parliament presented him with the Petition of Rights which stated that Taxes not voted by Parliament are illegal, Soldiers cannot be quartered in private houses, no arbitrary imprisonment or imposition of marital law in times of peace.

He married Catholic Henrietta Marie and had 2 male heirs, Charles I and James II.

English civil war and Oliver Cromwell

King Charles signed the document then dissolved Parliament after which he ignored the Petition of Right. Civil war ensued with the King and Parliament each having separate armies. After victory by Parliamentary armies, the Puritan Oliver Cromwell became head of the government. The government was known as roundheads and lasted 12 years. Cromwell was just as authoritarian as King Charles I.

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Charles I King of England with Henrietta Maria and Child
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King Charles I (1600-49) of England out Hunting, circa 1635
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An Eyewitness Representation of the Execution of King Charles I (1600-49) of England, 1649


King Charles I was executed in front of White Palace.