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Blenheim Palace was a gift to John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough from the British nation for his victory in the Battle of Blenheim during the War of the Spanish Succession. Blenheim is on the Danube near Augsburg. The landscaping of the Blenheim park cost a total of 300,000 lbs in 1704. The house cost a good deal more.

Blenheim Palace is located near Woodstock UK in Oxfordshire, 8 miles north of Oxford. It is the birthplace of Winston Churchill birthplace who was born in 1874 and the Prime Minister of England during WWII. Winston  Churchill is buried in the nearby Churchyard at Bladon. Blenheim and its park are open daily to the public.

Blenheim Palace is the largest private house in England

  • Blenheim palace has natural style gardens
  • Blenheim was built by Sir John Vanbrugh (1667-1726), a famous playwright and architect
  • Blenheim Palace open March thru October
  • baroque style
  • Sir Winston Churchill picturesExhibits of Churchill manuscripts, painting, books, photos and letters
  • The grounds are over 2500 acres
  • The grounds were designed by Henry Wise, but redone by the best known landscaper, Brown.
  • A dam was constructed on the grounds across the river Glym which created a lake
blenheim palace picture

blenheim palace fountains picture

blenheim palace fountain picture


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