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  • Westminster Abbey
  • seat of the English Government for over 1000 years
  • Burial ground of English monarchs
  • Site of monastery in middle ages
  • Gothic architecture
  • Edward the confessor built a church and palace here in 11th century
  • Westminster Abbey consecrated December 28, 1065
  • Edward buried before high altar
  • English coronation chair, 1300, first used by Edward I, and still used for coronation of monarchs
  • King Harold - 1st English king crowned in Abbey
  • All English Monarchs since Harold, crowned in Abbey

buckingham palace pictureRoyal Chapel in Westminster Abby

Henry VII chapel 16th century, medieval banners of the knights grand cross of the order of the bath

another view of buckingham palace pictureRoyal air force chapel stained glass windows containing the emblem of every squadron who participated in the battle of Britain, 1940

Westminster Cathedral Roman Catholic Church, 1890

Poets corner graves of Tennyson, Chaucer, Dryden plus monuments to Milton, Keats, Wilde, Shakespeare and more.big ben picture

Houses of Parliament

  • Close to Westminster Abbey
  • Gothic Structure, 1830
  • Over 1000 rooms
  • Union Jack flies in south end when Parliament is in session
  • Big Ben, in north section of Parliament, chimes every hour
  • Westminster Hall built 1099, scene of Sir Thomas More trial in 1534.
  • Jewel Tower once housed the kings jewels, clothing and furs until Henry VIII, now houses an exhibition of the history of Parliament
  • Whitehall avenue that runs from Parliament to Trafalgar Square, location of the Commonwealth offices, the treasury, admiralty, ministry of defense, foreign offices.
  • Whitehall Palace built 1622 for James I.
  • Westminster Hall

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