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Flannel Nightshirts and Gowns

Old fashion flannel nightshirts and nightcaps keep you warm on a cold winter night so you can turn your thermostat down to save on heating bills. Furthermore, flannel outerwear made with wool or wool blends used in a twill weave are excellent for keeping you warm on a frosty winter day. Excellent tailored garments can be made from flannel such as washable men's suits.

Flannel is a fabric made in either plain or twill weave using carded yarns. The fabric is napped usually on both sides. It's fiber composition as well as the amount of napping depends its use. Flannel is a good fabric to wear in the winter as it will keep you warm.

Cotton flannels are made with soft spun filling yarns. These cotton fabrics are used for a variety of things. Flannelette is a lightweight fabric that is napped on one side. Suede cloth is another variant and has a very short nap with a smooth flat texture.

Some flannel fabric blends can prevent stretching so you maintain a good fit.

Where to find flannel garments: Most any good department store in Asheville will carry both men's and women's flannel shirts, pjs and nightgowns.

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