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Where to buy designer jeans? Shop around to get the best deal: Any department store including Walmart carries a wide assortment of jeans in popular colors and designs. Shopping online? Amazon has a good selection of name brand jeans for less than you will pay elsewhere.

History of Blue Jeans

Jeans are often referred to as Blue Jeans, denims, dungarees or Levi's trousers. They were originally designed by Levi Strauss in the US around the middle of the 19th century. Jeans were designed to be durable work clothes and were reinforced in the seams with small copper rivets. They became popular with working men throughout the world. Soon jeans became identified with the Western apparel worn by the American cowboy. In the 60's, they became stylish and fashionable. During this time, bell footer jeans were the rage. Everyone was wearing them for the comfort. Soon, they became available in a wide range of colors and styles. My first pair of jeans I bought some 40 years ago were real cheap - $3.00. Now, you can't find a good pair of jeans for less than $20.00. You can now buy low rise jeans, boot cut, legs with a flare, cargo, cuffed .... You can buy jeans that have been stone washed - jeans that look worn .... There softer than regular new jeans and more comfortable.

Denim is the material jeans are made from. It is a durable twill woven fabric used for work and leisure clothing. It is yarn dyed and mill finished and is made from cotton. The material is mainly indigo or blue but is often produced in other colors as well. It is most often a solid color but can be found with stripes and patterns too. Traditionally, the fabric was used for work, farm and ranch attire but today it is used for casual wear for both men, women and children.

List of Top Designer Jeans Brands

  • 7 for all Mankind
  • Black Orchard
  • Blue Fly
  • Calvin Klein
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • CJ by Cookie Johnson
  • Denim of Virtue
  • Diesel
  • Dylan George
  • Ed Hardy
  • Guess
  • Lee
  • Levi
  • Lucky
  • Mavi
  • Monarchy
  • Red Engine
  • Rockstar
  • Rustler
  • Stitches

Popular Levi Jeans

Levi 505, 550, 501, 517, 584, Low Rise and Super Low Rise jeans USA, LLC

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