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Here in the South it is tradition to serve Chicken for Sunday dinner after church. Dinner in the south is really lunch or the mid-day meal. Traditionally lunch or dinner was the main meal of the day. Supper is the last meal of the day.


Warning: Always Make sure Chicken is done before you eat it. Juices will run clear, meat will be white to the bone. No pink or red. Raw chicken or chicken not cooked properly can be deadly.

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Chicken from Scratch to table

Women began the cooking early in the morning because the process consumed most of the hours in the day. To Prepare a chicken for cooking the woman of the household grabbed the chicken by its neck and slung it around and around breaking its neck (ringing a chicken's neck). The woman laid the chicken on a block, swung an ax severing the head and feet from the chicken's body. With the head and feet removed, the woman then dipped the dead chicken in boiling water to loosen the feathers. After which, she plunked each feather from the carcass. A newspaper rolled up and set afire was applied to the feather tips to remove any feather tips that  remained in the carcass. With the feathers removed, the woman split the chicken removing its guts and reserving body organs such as the heart, liver and gizzard for cooking. Undesirable body organs were fed to the dogs and cats. The woman then dipped each chicken piece in a beaten egg and rolled it in flour. The woman melted a big tablespoon of lard in a cast iron chicken flyer and heated it still the melted fat sputtered. Finally the chicken was fried until golden brown.

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