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Seasoning a cast iron pan

Care of a Cast Iron Pan

Find cast iron cookware from cast iron Dutch ovens to cast iron frying pans. Cast iron pans if cared for properly give a distinct wonderful flavor to food. If cast iron pans are not seasoned or cared for properly they can make food taste terrible.

Seasoning a Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pan - Country cooking begins with a seasoned cast iron cookware. Grease a cast iron pan (preferably with bacon grease) and put the pan in an open fire or a 500-degree oven until the pan turns black. This process seasons a cast iron pan. Once seasoned the cast iron pan rendered a unique flavor to all foods cooked in it.  You have to season the cast iron pan or it will make your food taste awful. I usually buy pans preseason. Its easier and takes no time at all.

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I have been told that you never washed a cast iron pan with soap and water rather the pan should be wiped out with a clean cloth. Washing the pan ruins it. It ruins the flavor of the food and makes food stick. Washing seasoned cast iron cookware with soap leaves the soap taste in the pan and ruins it.  If you have a particularly dirty pan, you  put water in the pan, bring the water to a boil and stir the pan clean. Then you wipe the pan out and put it up to air dry.

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