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If you have made an online hotel reservation using our service, your contact information for your hotel is in your confirmation email, please keep this email, it tells you how to cancel your reservation. It has the phone number of the hotel and more information regarding your reservation.

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The Asheville List is a directory index, all merchandise and/or service links lead to other websites. The Asheville List does not ship any merchandise and does not do any order processing. All order processing, shipping and related activity are handled by the company in which your order was placed.

If you have a question about merchandise or services listed in our index, you should contact that company directly. In addition, if you have a question about an an EXISTING ORDER, PLACING AN ORDER, TRACKING AN ORDER you must contact that company directly. You should have received an email containing your order information and the company's contact information. Keep this email for future references.

I do not have any information about the companies listed other than what is supplied to me by that company. If you want further information about a company listed on this site, please contact that company via their contact us info.

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