History of Chocolate : Use in America and Europe: Facts, History and Information

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Chocolate History

In 1519, Montezuma, the Aztec ruler of Mexico served Hernandez Cortez a bitter cocoa bean drink called xocoatl. Cortez introduced this drink to Spain. After 100 years, the beverage found its way to France, then to London. In 1657, it was sold in solid form in shops in London. It was so expensive no one but the very rich could afford to buy it. It was still just used for beverages at this time. Fashionable Chocolate houses started showing up in London, Amsterdam and more European cities. Production in the Americas began in 1765 in Dorchester Mass. they used beans from the West Indies.

The Aztecs (Early America) valued cocoa beans. They used the beans as currency.


Chocolate is used in candy, beverages and baking. The candy is rich in carbohydrates. It is a good source for quick energy. It also contains very small amounts of caffeine. Recently, it is thought that dark chocolate it is good for you in small quantities due to its antioxidants.

How its made

Chocolate is made from the fermented and roasted kernels of cocoa beans which are ground into a paste. the paste is called chocolate liquor. It is then hardened into molds to form baking or bitter chocolate. Then it is pressed to reduce the cocoa butter content. Afterwards, it is crushed to make cocoa powder. To make it sweet, sugar is added at this stage of production.