Baby Showers, Gift Registries and Needs of New Babies

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Baby Showers & Gift Registries

Having a baby will change your life forever. To make things a bit easier, you should anticipate most of your baby needs ahead of your delivery date. If you are fortunate your friends or coworkers will give you a baby shower. Gifts you would like or need can be pre-registered in a baby registry. Babies R Us have a baby registry online. A baby registry can be nice if you want a particular theme for your nursery bedding for instance like matching Winnie the pooh crib sheets, comforters, blankets, etc. Most baby showers are given after the 7th month as many people believe it is bad luck to give a baby shower any earlier.

What New Babies Need

Disposable diapers are wonderful but even the best disposable diaper will not keep a baby from wetting his/her bedding and clothing all the time. You should invest in a good waterproof mattress pad to protect your baby's crib mattress. You will also need several changes of crib sheets, blankets and at least one extra bumper pad. Plan on washing clothes often unless you have plenty of extra baby bedding and clothes on hand. You should also have several extra sleepers, onesies, pants and shirts on hand. When taking your baby out, always bring with you 2-3 diapers, baby wipes, change of socks, extra baby clothes, a bottle filled with formula or breast milk and anything else your baby may need. Always expect the unexpected. Most all day care centers require you to bring a change of clothes for your baby. Never bring expensive designer baby clothing, as sometimes baby clothes get mixed up and your baby's clothes may end up going home on some other baby.

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